Papa,Everything is a mess. My life seems like a dark, never-ending tunnel. And I am not able to find the light. Everybody is busy in their own chaos of life and aren’t bothered about anybody else.

But I wonder how can someone be so stone hearted? . Ever.

You’ve always been my backbone, papa. I could depend on you for anything. I found a friend in you. A wise one, I must add. How does one live without a backbone? It feels I’ll collapse anytime. Since i have came so far, a journey from Dahod to Ahmedabad and still wanna fly to America, I don’t know why but it feels like a nightmare. On the other part, I want it to be. I still wanna be your little baby. I want you to wake me up and tell me I’m late for school. Every night I sleep with the hope to hear your voice in the morning, and u do ring me up saying “uthi nai abi tak?”. I stay calm, With the hope that you’ll kiss away the sleep from my eyes.  With the hope that you’ll tell me that I’m your princess.  But it just doesn’t happen.

It’s getting harder day by day for me. I had planned my whole life with you in it. I want to give you first paycheck and hear a “I’m proud of you!” from you. I want you to be there when I achieved all the dreams you saw for me. I want you to be there at my wedding, leading me to the aisle. Telling me that I was the most beautiful bride and that you’ll love me even if I’m married. I want you to spoil my children. I want you there, papa.

How would i live without you? I know I promised you that I’ll be strong always. That  I’ll take care of myself and everybody around and I’ll still fulfill all your dreams. But I tend to break down every now and then. I want you here. I need you here. Without you, everything seems blurred.

You are the best father any daughter could ask for. You are the man of my life. You’ll always be…

Lots of love!! 


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