Yes you. Walk out👊🏽

To all the Toxic people around;

Its like, i dont hate you, and i even tried to love you, but somewhere you fucked it up, not me, i hope u remember that forever! During teenage not every person who makes u feel special loves you. Love is not when you date each other, its not when you get possesive about one another, or talk continuously for 24 hours. It just gives you lill butterflies in stomach, and even sometimes we carry a zoo. And if it doesnt real happen, you should know, that its time for you to go, because you have stolen my peace for a long time. May be somewhere in dark while thinking alone, i miss my smile, i miss my happiness. I cant let you take away it anymore so today’s is the day you really have to walk out of my life, because i have understood that Love means Simply Love. It means that two of us care, its not when you are dating or married, its about hearing the unspoken, its about trust you share, or may be protecting each other or just tell ’em you are the best i deserve. Love is love, it lives with you. It makes you wanna live a day more, wanna just sit for a day and stare at one another and remember all the good times!

Its the simple love, and not the one who see in fairytales. It just give us a feel like a fairy tale, and if doesn’t? My friend. Look for love, not just conceit of being in love!

Take care. Pretend u trust people, but don’t.


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