Idea Of Love;)

Whenever we think of love, the first thing that appears in our mind is flowers and cuddling and dancing in the rain and what not. We want our partner to be understanding, helpful. We want them to be with us “forever”. Well here’s the tragic truth, they won’t be here forever. They won’t be there to give you shoulder every time you cry.And that’s when the problems come. We want them to be here but since they aren’t and the current situation doesn’t match with the one we want, we fight. In movies we see that the guy calls up the girl at 3 and she picks up. She goes to meet him and everything but this doesn’t happen in real life. Sometimes, the other person is too tired to pick up the phone.

We all need to realise that the life isn’t a fairytale or some romantic novel. There will be repercussions and fights.

We, basically, are in love with the idea of love.



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