Your superpower💪🏼❤️

In this overexposed world, in the hall of the faces, with less of humans and more of animals, what you gotta find is, Yourself. Your Super Power.

And, its much of a simple matter to you ’cause your heart is pure. All you want to do is share love with a few deserving humans. Sometimes, people take you for granted, but you love seeing people feel loyalty and concern. You are always there for people because it is in your nature. 

Its amazing how people want you to trust them and simply lie on your face gossiping behind your back. What hurts alot is not the storm of the lies that break you, but the fact that you believed that he is different. May be it is your fault to put him on that pedastal that he doesnt deserve to be on. 

But, raise your chin darling, your superpower is love. There is a man for you, who will fill the voids, wanting you, in his life. Just you. Till ‘en keep growing, keep loving. The world can wait! 



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