How cool is that😉

Two years later..

A girl sits in front of her ex lover. Her ex, whom she loved more than herself.

But today; he doesnt say a word, and her heart doesnt ache for him any more.

Her hair is longer than its ever been.    She is even more beautiful than the day he left her.

And at that moment;

He panics. He lost her. 

And, he can never have her back.                    But, just watch her growing more beautiful and in love with somebody else! 


10 thoughts on “How cool is that😉

  1. I can’t imagine what that guy must be feeling. Something along the lines of Katy Perry’s “The one that got away..” haha!

    Some of us get heartbroken, and it takes a lot of strength to get back out there and open our hearts again to love. This is a good story. (not for the guy though)



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