An autodriver, was is more than one. 

Its so different how other person looks differently at the similar piece of what you are viewing. Is it because the people are different or Is it that the person who sees has a different opinion to their soul or Is it because of different eye sights.

I was travelling by a auto, to my college back then. It was an event, an HR meet. You know, humans, psychic, resources. So, There is this way to my college where i have to cross reclamation in bandra, view the sea and the link parallel and also smell that tatti smell. 

I was traveling by auto, and this uncle, Radheshyam ji, was an old fluffy man, with brown hair and clean shaved. He looked proper, well organized, and a decent man. We were crossing the bridge to Lilawati, where i just cannot hold my back and lean out to view the sea, so deep, so shallow, so humorous, so much it holds to me, but, what broke the silence between us today, was Radheshyam ji, when he was asked me if i am new to mumbai, tell me about the good and bad about mumbai. I dint said much, but i was keen of listening to him when he said “how do you feel?” 

I asked him, how do u know English? He just smiled and said,” Madam ji, agar aapko zindagi k maze lene hai, toh bambai aapki hai, par agar bambai ne aapke maze lene hai, toh aap kahi k nahi ho”. 

And I wondered how can a layman can speak such heavy words to me, but also it gave a thought can u believe his life in the similar place where i am. Can i sustain a similar life to what he is surviving. Or can I get out of my bed every morning just to help strangers to reach their spots. 

I was surprised and glad to meet a person like Radheshyam ji. 

All i had a question was, how often, or how many of you, get out of your bed, to help a stranger who is not going to give you any respect, any love, any kind words, any fame, any care, but quite of penny in a destructive manner!  

And, Radheshyam ji, who is a auto rickshaw driver in Mumbai, India, has actually studied Electrical Engineering but had to quit studying because of some financial issues in his no days! 




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