Stay kind! 

Oh, so you are a muslim. I heard that, while i was crossing the main stream out of my college. No, The problem wasn’t the main lane, but it was to cross and hear.

“I couldn’t close my ears else i would have. I couldn’t shut that person else i should have. How i wish to stop people’s cultural weep. I couldn’t kill this racism, else i would be a prisoner in peace! ”

Such a small place this world is. Such a little life has to be lived. Such few friends you gain in this universe. What makes you human behave so worse ? 

What cost us being kind ? What cost us making other humans strong ? What cost us offering hand to a needy ?  What cost us wish to see brave hearts ? What will cost us being selfless ? I believe in leaving a change wherever i go. I wish to see brave hearts. I wish to see kind people. I wish to see real dreams in eyes. I wish to hold hand of every weak soul. I wish to kill discrimination and make a discovery of unity. I wish to make universe a strong powerpack. And i know;




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