Why are you quiet ? 

We offen talk about 3am thoughts, how hard they are to handle, how dark it is, how all this black emptiness makes it more unbearable, how you just sit on the carpet or the couch wondering why you drive harsh in your thoughts, how unpleasant it is to wish the other human to think about you at 3am, but tell me about 3pm thoughts, when sun leaves no space for doubt, when all of this is real, and you dont even know how to move on. Whatever it takes, let your demons reside, not just within you, but under you. Because, Some people survive and talk about it, some people survive and stay silent, some people survive and create. Everyone deals with unimaginable pain in their own way, and everyone is entitled to that without any judgement. So the other time you meet someone, who looks like a cool ocean on a sunny day, Remember, whilst somewhere the water is calm, and in another place, in the very ocean, there is a colossal storm. Be kind! 

Make world a happier place:)


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