Celebrity Profiling! 

Blogging  has always been fun. ‘Cause its not just about beautiful prices but also about creating magic with words. Keeping the prizes aside i always ensure that i come up with creative blogs. One such creative blog took me to mumbai to see the national award winner, Kangana Ranaut. 

Kangana was born on 23rd March, 1986 at Bhambla, a small town in Himachal Pradesh, into a Rajput family. While growing up, she was not confident about where she want to end up, hence to find her space she relocated to Delhi at 16. She took on a few modelling assignments, but she found “no scope for creativity”. 

Later, in 2004, the producers Ramesh Sharma and Pahlaj Nilani announced that Ranaut would make a debut film with Deepak Shivdasani “I love you boss”. In the following year, an agent took her to Mahesh Bhatt, where Anurag Basu auditioned her for “Gangster’s” lead role.

Then she was spotted in “Woh Lamhe” in 2006 by Mohit Suri. She gave Dhaam Dhoom in 2008, a tamil romantic thriller. There were many career fluctuations in 2009-2012 where her film released called “Raaz” in which she played a super successful model possessed with a ghost. Also that year, she played the leading role in drama “Vaada Raha”.

In 2011, she gave a super hit “Tanu weds Manu” before which she felt she was cheated by the roles she was given. Because she believes that her roles are not meant to be over emotional. The director Sanjay Gupta cast her in a crime film “Shootout at Wadala” in 2013. Commercially the film performed moderately well. In the same year, she gave “Krish 3” along side Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra. She took hariyanvi classes to give her best shot at “Tanu weds Manu Returns” for which she won Filmfare Critics Award and a second consecutive National Film Award for Best Actress. 

Recently, in 2017, after a long vacation, she have Vishal Bhardwaj’s epic romance “Rangoon” with Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor. 

When asked on a tv show by Karan Johar, “Would you like to work with any of the three khan’s in your next film. 

She said No. And the reason she gave was, i am not willing to work with somebody where i dont share the equal grounds. 
In a 2013 interview, Ranaut recollected: 

” “People in the industry treated me like I didn’t deserve to be spoken to and I was some unwanted object. I couldn’t speak English fluently and people made fun of me for that. So dealing with rejection became a part of life. … All that has taken a toll, I guess. I find it hard to deal with praise. Today, when people say that I have made it and made it on my own, I feel like locking up myself somewhere … It scares me.”
No wonder, Kangana has fought her ground alone, she has always proved her audience the stage is her’s and she is going to run the show. She has been through alot, and who doesn’t struggle? Her experiences are a superb example set for the people who think life isnt the way they wanted. Because life will never be the way you want, it will make you live the way it wants.

And today, Ranaut has been one of the best actress in bollywood. If ever given a chance in the next years for the #Kanganameetandgreet contest by Ask Me Bazaar , i am definitely trying to go and take this chance of meeting Kangana Ranaut. After all, who doesn’t love to have a brush to Bollywood, i am no different. 


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