Let’s assume..

Let’s talk till 3 in the morning not because we’re just too tired to sleep,but because we need to pass the time.

Let’s fill every crack in each other’s soul and call “just being there as a friend.”

Let’s be jealous, let’s erupt that raging volcano and die of the heat within ourselves because we don’t want to be too possessive.

Let’s not say the words that will destroy us only to reconstruct our ruins into something beautiful because we’re scared of taking the first step.

Let’s construct walls of our egos between each other because too close means ‘too vulnerable’.

Let’s keep looking, let’s not stop at ‘the one’ because there’s plenty of other fish in the sea.

Let’s hesitate in texting first because it’ll show that we care.

Let’s give into this phenomenon of ‘playing hard to get’ because the easy ones always left.

Let’s accept the social norms of dating because ‘chilling’ is the new love. 

And let’s die due to the voids in our chests because we don’t want to know how vast galaxies can be.


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