Be a great boyfriend;)

To all the guys out there. I am sure you must be doing a lot for your girlfriends. But, as a girl I can add the cherry on your cake and help you serve better. So, let’s get started!! yayya… so make sure you do all the described things under:


    [She won’t trust you if you do & it’ll be awkward]
    2. Grab her hand when you walk next to each other.
    [She always gets butterflies when you do it; it makes her feel like you want her]
    3. When standing, wrap your arms around her.
    [It makes her feel like you really love her.]
    4. Cuddle with her.
    [She’ll feel like your there for her]
    5. Hug her from behind
    [It makes her feel special]
    6. Write little notes. Get little toys.
    [She smiles. They’re cute; The end]
    7. Compliment her Honestly.
    [No girl likes a liar and no girl likes a person who lies about it when you compliment her]
    8. When you hug her, hold her in your arms as long as possible.
    [It makes her feel wanted]
    9. Be super sweet to her.
    [All girls like a super sweet guy]
    10. Call her at night to wish her sweet dreams.
    [She’ll go to bed with a smile]
    11. Comfort her when she cries.
    [She’ll feel like you’ll ALWAYS be there for her]
    12. Wipe away her tears
    [It’ll show you’ll always be there]
    13. Love her with all your heart.
    [Not with your brain… or your ……]
    14. Pick her up and flirt with her
    (she’ll scream and say put me down but really she loves it).
    15. Be a gentleman (hold the door for her).
    [Every girl loves a guy who is a gentleman]
    16. DON’T let your friends talk trash about her, it’ll get back 2 her
    [& it’ll make her feel like you aren’t really there for her]
    17. Take her for a long walk at night!
    [She just wants to be alone. & that’s not always bad. The world can be annoying sometimes & you just need to be alone.]
    18. When it’s cold outside hold her close
    [You want her to be happy & she’s happy in your arms]
    19. Draw on or rub her back as she is trying to rest or sleep
    [This just feels good!]
  2. 20. Β Take her for outings without any occasion [it feels great to go on a mini outing surprisingly. Girls love surprises


P.S- Girls, don’t be shy and let your partner know you love this!!! share it with them.





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