Are you doing human ?

I am sorry, I shouted in my mind. I am sorry, because I had to let him be in this situation. I am sorry I screamed to his heart, because I was not there when he needed me in that high temperature. I am sorry to those eyes, because I couldn’t put them to sleep. I know I am awful at times, but is it selfish to ask for what I need. I never asked for a Gucci or a Vuitton all I was wanting from him was to be obsessed with me, and not consider me just another girl. I never asked him to make me feel like a princess, but does that mean to make me feel like a stupid babe ? I don’t want him to cry for me, but may be he wants to make me cry because of him ?
He said I love you, I believed. I was so used to lies that the truth confused me, and I believed me. Now, where did he bought those guts to tell me to go search somebody else. To tell me I don’t know my limits ? To tell me I am a moron? How would he accept that ? How should I accept that ? How do you accept disrespect ? He simply hurts my sentiments. Am I stupid to him ? Or maybe He thinks she loves me enough to compromise with her heart. But no, I shall not forget to realise what I want, how I want, and how it used to be. I still remember the day, when I met him the first time, and after coming back he had told me, “I feel insecure about this, I feel unsafe when you are away”. I knew how he was feeling, I made him felt secured at that point of time, then, what time is it now ? Why does he need to tell me today, Go find somebody else.
I mean, do you really do that ? No emotions offered to the other person anymore? Why is he taking me for granted ? Why has he stopped showing the affection he used to before ? What has changed or Has he changed ? Does people really change or is it just the situation that does ? Or do they just start taking people for granted ? Or may be, thats human ? Ha ?



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