When somebody walks along..

Before i met you, i was afraid to fall in love again. I was a broken hearted mess, the effects of me giving all of the feelings to the one who doesn’t know how to appreciate me fully, who was with me for a period where i forgot to love my selfies but his.      It felt hypocritical to felt like my efforts are nothing but a temporary case of relief. I was left hanging. I could stay hanging, i had the strength to stay there, but then, You came in my life. It was hard at first, but you took all the pain and misery from me and made me learn to talk. Talk about how i feel what i feel giving me no boundaries or what shall i feel and talk about. You gave me those wings whom the world couldn’t see but i could fly with. You gave me that sleep which i fought to sleep like. I always thought why couldn’t we be more of friends for a longer time, but that’s how i cant feel about us, because i could feel alot towards you. If, we ain’t together then, you’ll still have a piece of yours left in me. ‘Cause when somebody walks along, the journey is beautiful. And you are one of the best destinations i would rather be. We ain’t perfect, with flaws and insecurities, but we are willing to fight through it. Little did we know we would be fallen  for each other. And i am glad we did.   I love you so much sweetheart. Thank you for being so understanding and patience with me. I appreciate all of you! 


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